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Top 25 Positive Quotes Or Top 25 Positive Tweets

Positive thinking leads me to a better life. Good morning people, have a blessed sunday
– @shintawidhia

Struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, you gotta know what falling down is like. Stay Positive!
– @ohteenquotes


Let go of what you can’t control and hold on to the positive force of truth, kindness, gratitude and a lot of laughter. ā€” @2cre8 #quote
– @AnnTran_


surround yourself with different people that are doin positive things in life, and see how it will change your life.
– @SevTheGr8


Accent your positive and delete your negative. ā€” Donna Karan #quote
– @AnnTran_


Smile.Why?Because it makes you attractive.It changes your mood.It relieves stress.And it helps you stay positive :-)

The road to success comes with alot of speed bumps but you always have to stay positive and never stop.

Keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts from them comes creativity. Negative thoughts only drain you & take away from the good in you
– @febryastrya

5. I post positive notes around my room to make me feel better about myself and to have a betterday.
– @dangerv

Quality of life is not measured by the things we own, but by the positive impact we have on those around us – m.k. reynolds
– @ytpindonesia

God does a good job of turning a negative into a positive when you least expect it.
– @AmanuelMedhane


Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.
– @Parisfbpgf

Every exit is an entrance to some other place. In other words: In every end, there’s always a new beginning. Always stay positive!
– @screamoyanz

Surround yourself with positive influences!
– @Ki_LAM

if you feel like you’re stuck, in many ways that’s a positive sign. it means you’re eager to get moving.
– @jamessemira

I admire people who keep a smile all the time, even when they have every right to break positive

Because I never try to give up, so there’s always a chance for me. =) be positive!
– @aannisme

Life is what we make of it.We can achieve everything and climb the highest mountain if we simply remain positive even in the darkest moments
– @SwiftyLover13

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is good – being happy is you looking at everything in a positive way and not letting them get you down.
– @YazOwy

It’s not about having people around you…it’s about having the RIGHT people around you….Spread Positive Energy!!
– @Carmireli88

The life always gives the positive person more chances to reach the happieness .
– @AfrahAlmoteri

stop complaining and take your life from a negative to a positive
– @arianaroxxz

Hearing positive news always makes my day brighter. šŸ˜‰
– @iAmTiffany_J

Develop a negative into a positive picture . :)
– @misszjanet

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